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i sign up for the goverment fee waiver, how can I see if i got approve? i had check my financial aid status, but i cant see anything in there


  • TeeTee
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    Hi Javier, 

    I see that you just recently submitted your application not too long ago so you'll need to give the financial aid office time to process your application. After everything is process, it will then be determine if you qualify for the fee waiver or not. On average, it can take upwards to two weeks for the financial aid to process and post in your student portal whether you were awarded this waiver or not. If more than two weeks have past and you still not have yet heard anything back, then in that case, I would strongly recommend that you give the financial aid a call and check the status of your bog fee waiver. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 
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    I only have one week to pay for my classes. Would I get a refund if I pay for them ?
  • TeeTee
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    I'm not entirely sure but if you call your colleges financial aid office, they would have the answer for you. 
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