Used account information to apply for fee waiver, but information didn't transfer correctly

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On my opencc account I have a permanent address listed, always have. But when I selected to use my account information for my application, submitted it and then reviewed application had it listed that I am homeless and have no permanent address. And instead it listed my address as my "current" address instead of my permanent like I have it listed in my account information. There's an error with the site that caused incorrect information to be submitted and I'm worried that it will effect my application


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    Hello Victoria,

    We recommend contacting your Financial Aid department at your college to update your status and correct the information that needs to be updated. Your Financial Aid office will have access to your records and confirm if there is an error on the application and how to fix this information so that it does not affect your eligibility for your award. I have provided their contact information below for your reference. 

    Financial Aid Folsom Lake College 
    Phone: (916) 608-6646

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