Transferring Credits from a Four Year College to Community College. Will it affect Associate Degree

I am attending a Four Year College Online right now but I am looking to attend Chaffey Community College, would I be able to transfer my current credits back to the community college to help me complete my degree? Also would doing this interfere with the Associate Degree for Transfer program?


  • Angelica
    edited April 2017
    Hello Phoenix, 

    Unfortunately I won't be able to answer this question with a simple yes or no because of the complexity of your situation. I recommend that you proceed with the transfer process in which you first will have to:

    1. Submit an Admissions Application to Chaffey College. (You will have to create an OpenCCC account here, or if you have an account start here with your application.)

    2. Order transcripts from your current college to be sent to Chaffey where admissions and records will evaluate your transcript for transferable credits. 

    3. Schedule and meet with a counselor at Chaffey College who will assist you with planning class schedules and will determine which courses are needed to complete your degree.

    These steps are essential in order to determine what is needed to complete an Associates Degree for transfer.

    I hope this information is helpful,


  • Phoenix_Wilkins
    edited April 2017
    Thank you it's a start!

  • Angelica
    edited May 2017
    Good luck with your transfer!

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