What do 'CA' & 'AS' stand for on Major Selection Menu ?

What do 'CA' & 'AS' stand for on Major Selection Menu ? I'm an International Student hoping to enroll this coming summer and expecting to study Software Engineering when I transfer to university after 2 years


  • Angelica
    edited August 2017
    Hello Sushant,

    The initials 'AS', 'AA' and 'CA' stand for degree or certificates that are earned at California Community Colleges. The main differences between these different kinds of associate’s degrees are the course requirements. An AS and AA degree prepare graduates for further educational pursuits at the bachelor’s level by focusing more on academic requirements and general education courses.
    • Associate of Arts (AA) 2 year degree

    • Associate of Science (AS) 2 year degree

    • Certificate of Achievement (CA) Completion of a group of related classes for enrichment or work related training
    To get more information regarding the Majors offered by your college check their college catalog which will have the requirements for each degree they offer and or also make an appointment with a counselor at your college to discuss which degree will best fit your academic goals.

    I hope this clarifies your questions,

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