Is there an online class at Chaffey for the Infant Toddler class?

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Is there a way to "chat" with someone about my questions?


  • Michele_Arlotti
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    I need to know if there is an Infant Toddler class available for an online class for this upcoming fall at Chaffey College.
  • Michele_Arlotti
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled infant toddler class for early childhood education. Is the Infant toddler class available for this fall?
  • Angelica
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    Hello Michelle,

    I searched to find an online Child Development course for Chaffey, but was unable to find one. It looks like the college has not put their Fall 2017 schedule out as of this date and as a result I was unable to determine if there will be an online Child Development course available this Fall.

    It is highly recommended that you contact the Child Development Department at Chaffey College who will be able to tell you if this will be a course that will be offered online for Fall 2017. I have provided their contact information below for your reference.

    Chaffey College
    Child Development Department 

  • i would lilke to take the online Child Development class

  • Hi Graydeanita09,

    Can you let me know what I can help you with?

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