Coastline college says they can't find my Bog Waiver and if I submitted online I cannot resubmit!

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I submitted a Bog Waiver on 2/24/17 and it shows submitted to coastline college for Summer 2016 to Spring 2017. I called coastline and they said they can't find my application under my student id. I checked my application and I left Student ID "Unknown" apparently. I asked them if they could check using my social security number since I used it for Openccc and they said they only check using student id not social #. They also said I cannot submit another application since I did already submit it online. So what can I do to get Coastline College to process my Bog Waiver. Should I print my Bog Waiver application copy and take it down to them?

 I am currently on a payment plan for my classes and have no money left in my bank account. I just borrowed money from a relative to cover $115.00 portion of my payment. I've already borrowed money from this relative for a previous payment this semester and promised to pay them back . I though I would use my Bog Reimbursement to pay them back. Very stressed out. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!


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    Hello NB, 

    In this case, it is recommend that you talk to the Financial Aid Office at Coastline Community College to see how they would like for you to move forward with this process regarding your BOG Fee Waiver. Since their department is in charge of the BOG, they would be the best to let you know what they need and want in order to correctly process your waiver and or give you other options to complete and file your BOG. Please reach out to them again so that they can give you specific information as to how they would want you to complete this process. 
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