How can I edit my application if it was already sent?

I made a mistake on my application but it was already submitted with the error, how can I 
edit my application, is it possible?


  • Angelica
    edited February 2017
    Hello Jennifer,

    Once your application has been submitted, it cannot be edited by you or the college/s you have applied to. However, you can contact the Admissions and Records office at your college from this list to confirm with the school if your information needs to be changed. After you have contacted them, they will inform you on the procedure of how to update their records with your correct information.

  • There are some incorrect or/and left out Items in the application.

  • Hi Phoebe234,

    Can you clarify what you mean by "there are some incorrect or/and left out items in the application" so that I understand your question better to assist you.