Will Exchange Courses count towards my degree?


  • CCC_Help
    edited February 2017

    All courses offered through the Exchange, are fully articulated courses that are equivalent to courses offered by your Home College. Also, acceptance of the each other’s Exchange courses is part of the Agreement among Exchange Consortium member colleges. To know if the Exchange courses will count towards your degree at your Home College, prior to registering for a course in the Exchange, you are encouraged to meet with a counselor at your Home College to get help identifying the correct courses for your degree or transfer requirements.

    You should also review your Student Education Plan to identify what courses are required for degree completion at the Home College. Once you identify what courses you need, use the Exchange to find the equivalent course offered by the Teaching College. If the course is offered and you successfully complete it, you can then have your transcripts sent to the Home College in order to receive completion credit. 

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