I applied to Oxnard

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So for my bogwaver I applied to Oxnard college by accident but I wanted to apply to Ventura college how would I be able to fix that and since I applied I never got a email telling me if I qualify or not


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    Hello Nany,

    I do show that you recently applied for the Bog Fee Waiver application online a couple of weeks ago to Oxnard College for the Fall 2016 through Summer 2017 academic year. If you have not gotten your email informing you of your status, I recommend you contact the Financial Aid Department at Oxnard College. Also, make sure that the email you have associated with your OpenCCC account is one you are able to log into.

    In order to have your Bog Fee Waiver be applied to Ventura College, you will simply just need to contact their Financial Aid Department so they can apply the reimbursement to that College. Keep in mind that the Bog Fee Waiver is disbursed to the college where you are taking the highest amounts of units if you are attending more than one college. It should be a simple process for you to have your reimbursement applied to Ventura College as I do show that you have applied for the Bog Fee Waiver to Ventura College for the passed 3 consecutive years. Below I will leave you with the contact information for both the Financial Aid Departments at Oxnard College (to check the status of your application) and for Ventura College (to have your reimbursement be applied to this college).

    Ventura College Financial Aid:
    Phone: (805) 289-6369
    Email: [email protected]

    Oxnard College Financial Aid:
    Phone: (805)986-5828
    Email: [email protected]

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask,

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