Lack of status on BOG fee waiver

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I applied for the BOG fee waiver for Mount San Antonio College and I have yet to receive a status update on the application, on average how long should it take for me to receive some sort of response?


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    Hello Kori,

    The answer to your question can vary depending on the student because your financial aid office may request additional verification in order to determine your eligibility. Also, the length of time it takes to process your application can very depending on the time of year that you are applying. Every year during summer months is a very busy time of year for the financial aid office because of the increased applications for Financial Aid,  which may result in a longer processing time than at other times of the year.

    To receive a concrete answer to the status of your BOGFW application it is recommended that you contact your college financial aid office directly. They will be able to check the status of your application and give you a timeline specific to your college.

    I hope this clarifies your question. Please let me know if you have any more questions

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