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HAVING PROBLEMS  SUBMITTING  A BOG FEE WAIVER if you encounter en error message ,you can try deleting cookies,cache,history,and refresh your brower and try to resubmit application  but if not contact helpdesk( 1877-247-4836 to be escalted thank you.


  • TeeTee
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    Hello Adrian,

    Thank You for your ideas in helping to resolve the issue concerning students not being able to begin their BOG Fee Waiver application to their colleges. It appears that this error message which was affecting all the community colleges was an isolated issue. However our dedicated engineers and development team was able to quickly pinpoint and identify the root of the problem. As of right now, the issue has been fully resolved and students are now able to sign back in and successfully submit their BOG Fee Waiver.

    I appreciate your willingness and commitment in providing ideas and suggestions for issues like this one. Once again, Thank You and if you have any more suggestions or have questions for me, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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