foothill college student id

I need access to my Foothill community college student ID, i signed up and got an email saying i would receive it in a day or two and that was a week ago. I tried calling but no one picks up. I need it by this Friday to stay in my apprenticeship program so i need some help, the quicker the better please.


  • Tee
    edited March 2017
    Hello Alex,

    According to our records, I see that you have just successfully submitted your online admissions application over to Foothill Community College as of yesterday. This explains why the college has not been able to send and or provide you with your student ID #. On average, it takes the Admissions & Records Office upwards to two full business days to process an application and generate a student ID # .

    Moving forward, please allow for the two full business days to pass in order to obtain and get your student ID #. In addition, since you have not been able to get a hold of the Admissions & Records Office by phone, my best recommendation to you is to walk into their office directly during business hours and request your student ID #. 

    Thank You for allowing me this opportunity to help you with your issue regarding your student ID #. Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions. I am always happy to help and assist you.