Reimbursement for late BOG approval.

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A few months ago, I applied for BOGW and recieved an email that I did not receive BOGW approval. I had paid for my summer 2016 classes and some of my fall 2016 classes out of pocket. then just a few weeks back, I received an email stating my BOGW was approved for summer 2016-Spring 2017. Is it possible to receive reimbursement for the classes I already paid for?


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    Hello Lolo,
    If you received an email stating that you qualified for the Bog Fee Waiver during the time frame for the classes that you paid out of pocket for, you will be able to get reimbursed. In order to take these steps, please make an appointment with a financial aid advisor and make sure you have available your email or letter confirmation that you qualified for the waiver, as well as receipts or proof that show you paid out of pocket for your classes. They can then help make the necessary steps in order to to have your money be reimbursed.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask,
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