Reasons why a BOG WAIVER Appeal may be denied?

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Does anyone know any reasons why a BOG WAIVER APPEAL may be denied? Can it be denied due to a dui ?


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    Hello Korina,

    Below you will find a short list of three reasons why a student is denied or did not get approved for their Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOG). Please check them out and always remember that there are also many other reasons as to why a student did not get approved. For the specific reason, please contact the Financial Aid at your college to find out why you were denied the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver. Moving forward, to answer your question, having a DUI on your record is not a reason why the Financial Aid would disqualified you or denied your request. It is not base or determine from your driving records/DUI but more solely base on how much you and your parents make (income per year).

    Financial Aid Reasons for Denying and not Approving a BOG Fee Waiver Application

    1) The students GPA is below 2.0

    2) The students income is higher than average for the Family Contribution Income. In other words, if you make too much money, then you don't qualified for the BOG. Base on the program's income, for a family size of one, your income would be $17,655 or less. For a family size of two, your income would be $23,895 or less.

    3) The student has been placed on disqualification status from the financial aid office at their college meaning that due to their failing grades, they have been placed on academic probation.

    Thank You for asking this question and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions.
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    Thanks for replying , when you file for financial aid it will ask you if you were ever convicted of a drug charge from a the time you were at school and if you were you have to pay all the money back. That's why I'm wondering if I even have a chance on appealing the bog waiver.
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    Hello Korina,

    To clarify, having a DUI is not a conviction of a drug related charge. Upon reviewing DUI more in dept, it is considered a felony. If you were disqualified and or was not approved for your BOG Fee Waiver, I would recommend that you appeal the decision and give it a shot to see if you can be awarded this waiver to help you pay for your enrollment at your community college.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
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    So if I make 50k, then most likely Bog waiver A, B, C will be denied, right? And I'll have to pay my own classes. 
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    Hi Sergio, 

    Yes, making 50K will denied your grant application since that puts you over the average family contribution income of 1 at $17,655 or less. 
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