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apply for fee waver for the classes i need to take


  • Angelica
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    Hello Volanda,

    If you are applying to a community college that offers the BOG Fee Waiver online, please follow the steps provided below to submit an application to your colleges Financial Aid office.

    1) Please begin at [CCCApply.org/Money page](http://home.cccapply.org/money/bog-fee-waiver).

    2) Select the "Apply online for BOG Fee Waiver" link at the bottom center of the page.

    3) On the following page, select the link for the academic year you are applying to.

    4) You will be provided with a current list of California Community Colleges to which you may apply for the online BOG Fee Waiver, please select your college from the list (**NOTE**: If the college you would like to submit a BOG Fee Waiver application to is not listed, select this link to [download the paper application](http://icanaffordcollege.com/en-us/getstarted/step2getreadytoapply.aspx).

    5) You will be directed to the OpenCCC sign-in page for the online BOG Fee Waiver application.

    6) If you have not created a OpenCCC account, please select "Create an Account

    7) Please sign-in with your OpenCCC account Username/Password, you will then be directed to the "My BOG Fee Waiver Application" page.

    8) Select the "Start a New BOG Fee Waiver Application" link to begin application.

    On the other hand, if your community college currently does not offer the application online, please follow the steps below to submit a paper application.

    1) Please begin at [icanaffordcollege.com](http://icanaffordcollege.com/en-us/financialaidinfo/typesofaid.aspx).
    2) Select the term application for which you would like to submit your BOGFW.
    3) You will then submit your application to the financial aid office of the college you will be attending.
    4) If you have any further questions regarding your financial aid status or eligibility please contact your college’s Financial Aid office.

    If you have any additional questions that I can help you with, please don't hesitate to let me know.