Forgot Attendance Dates at Previous College

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I can't recall the exact month and year that I began/stopped attending my 2nd and where can I find this information so that I can complete my application for admission?


  • Tee
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    Hello Lara,

    In the event that you have forgotten your exact dates of attendance for your 2nd college, I would recommend that you contact your previous college's Admissions & Records Department and request an unofficial copy of your transcripts. The transcripts will show the exact dates and information needed to tell you when you started and ended your 2nd college. Unofficial copy of your transcripts can also be located in your student portal. If in any cases, you don't remember your login information for your student portal, please contact your college for the username and password.

    Moving forward, if you are needing to submit your admissions application right away, it is okay to provide a close estimate of your dates of attendances for your 2nd college. There is no penalty and consequences for having the wrong dates provided, just remember to make the necessary corrections with the Admissions Department once after you have acquired and obtain the right dates.

    If there is anything else that I can help you with, please don't hesitate to let me and I will be more than happy to assist you.
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    so i need all the dates, 

  • School is closed down then what?

  • Hello @Lynn_Parker

    Please reach out to the campus you attended to receive the dates you last attended. Admissions and Records at your campus will be able to assist you with this information.

  • Hello @dejanicole

    If your campus is closed when you contact them you can always see if they have an email address on their website or just call back during business hours which will also be listed on their contact page on their website.