How will withdrawing from only one class effect my BOG waiver for this semester and for the future?

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I have been struggling in one of my classes that i know i can do better the 2nd time around. I am passing, but this semester i have had personal events that have gotten in the way of achieving the best academic performance that i know i could do. I really want to withdraw, but i do not want it to effect my next semesters applicant or any other future applications. 


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    Hello Gabby,

    In the event that you are looking to withdraw and or drop a class from your schedule, it does not effect your BOG Fee Waiver in any way or form. Here's why. The Board of Governor's Fee Waiver is a state funded program through the Governor's Office that helps eligible students pay for the enrollment fees at their community college. This explains why you don't have to pay out of pocket for the classes that you are currently taking and will be taking in the future. You may choose to registered as a full time student of 12 units or more and or simply part time with 6 units and the BOG will cover and pay your enrollment fees. It does not in anyway, disqualify you and or effect you if you withdraw or dropped a class.

    One of the few things that I can think of that may effect you slightly by dropping a class is that if you were currently in 12 units, by dropping the class you would then fall below the 12 units and be now consider as a part-time student. By Financial Aid standards, when you drop below 12 units and you were already awarded/paid out with cash assistance, you may be liable to pay a small amount of money back to the financial aid office. If this applies directly to you, please feel free to contact and speak to the Financial Aid office at your college and double check to see if dropping a class will affect your financial aid.  

    In addition, I would highly encourage and recommend that you also schedule a counseling appointment with a Academic Counselor at your college and discuss this matter with the counselor. A counselor can also provide you further information and assist you with meeting your educational goals.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns that I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.
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