Returning for an Associate's degree after obtaining a Bachelor's degree

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Is it possible to go back for an A.A/A.S without retaking the required g.e courses, having already completed my g.e requirements at a four-year?


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    Hello Julia,

    To answer your question...YES, it is always possible to go back to a community college and obtain your associates degree despite already having completed your Bachelor's Degree. In fact, you are able to go back and complete multiple AA degrees if you are wishing to do instead of one. In addition, to clarify, you will not need to or required by the college to complete General Education classes. Keep in mind that GE only applies directly to students who are wishing to transfer over to a University who are needing to complete the 60 transferable unit requirements set forth by the Universities.

    Please feel free to submit an admissions application at your earliest convenience to your college so that you will soon be on your way to obtaining that Associates Degree. If you have any additional questions or would like more clarifications regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to ask me for further assistance. Thank You.

    Best Regards. 
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