Father claimed me 2014 taxes, but am now on my own, Can i file as independent on BOG?

My father claimed me on his 2014 taxes, however I am now living on my own, and he wont be claiming me in 2015. However the BOG Application asks, if a parent did AND if i now live with him, and IF no to both then file an independent, however only one applies to me, can i still file as independent?


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    Hello Devin,

    In order to better assist you, can you tell me the college you will be applying to? and because of the delicate nature of Financial Aid and how it will affect your eligibility to it,  I would like to provide you with the contact information for you to contact your colleges Financial Aid office so that you will be able to speak to representative who will be able to advise how to answer this question.

    I look forward to your response,


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