what does it mean when yu have been qualified fr BOGFW under method b ?

i got and e-mail saying i qualify....... but what is under mehod b I need guidance people, please 


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    Hello Joselyn,

    The Board of Governors Fee Wavier program offers three ways in which students can qualify to have their enrollment fees waived by the state. Under Methods A, B and C, students meeting these requirements and criteria, are automatically qualified to received the waiver. You have qualify under Method B, meaning that your total income for the year of 2014 did not exceed the income standards base on family size.

    Below, you will see a chart of the income standards set by the state for the year of 2014 that helped you qualified for the BOGFW.

    Family Size                                                   2014 Income
    1                                                                    $17,505
    2                                                                    $23,595
    3                                                                    $29,685 
    For each additional family member add . . .   $6,090

    I hope this information has provided you with a clear and better understanding of Method B. Please let me know if you have any additional questions that I may assist you with.
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    Is this the family total adjusted wages on the IRS 1040 form?

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    Hello Khrist,

    Unfortunately, the above chart outlining the income standards for 2014 is only for the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver purposes in identifying if a student qualifies for college tuition waiver. It is not the family total adjusted wages on the IRS 1040.

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