How long does my BOG waiver take to process?

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I applied for my BOG on the 28th of August 2015, and actually turned it in financial aid later in the day. I had to add classes on the 29th. I have 5 days to pay for my classes and it still shows on my student account that I still have to pay the full price of classes.


  • Monica
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    Hello Sheila,
    In order to check the status of your Bog Fee Waiver application you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at the college you are taking your classes this semester. You can make an appointment with a Financial Aid adviser as they have access to your personal records and can give you the precise information you are seeking that pertains to your situation. I would be happy to give you the contact information to the Financial Aid office so you are able to contact them. Just kindly respond to this post and I will reply back with the information.

    Best of Luck,
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