After a month no funds

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Hello, I submitted my BOG application a month ago and have not received any funds yet. I go to Southwestern college. I registered for classes already and was surprised I don't have funds. It's Friday and I have 5 days to pay. As I looked at my account for fee waiver it just states when I submitted and confirmation number. What do I do?


  • Barbara_Butler-Kapisi
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    you need to go to financial aid office sometimes u are missing something they havent told u about i had that pproblem more than a few times i am forever in the financial aide office. hope this helps
  • Monica
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    Hello Lana,
    I am sorry to hear you have not received your status for your Bog Fee Waiver. In order to see what your status is, you will need to reach out to the Financial Aid office at Southwestern College. Below I will provide you with their contact information.

    Southwestern College Financial Aid Department:
    Phone:  (619) 482-6357

  • Lana_Lee
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    I went to financial aid office and talked to them. Apparently my BOG was awarded on Monday, yesterday but fees were not paid still. Since today Tuesday was the last day to pay I got worried. But later today I checked status again and saw that it's all finally paid. They said it usually takes about 2 days for waiver to kick from the time it was awarded to actual payment. Anyways I'm glad it's all good! Thanks for replies!
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