BOGW financial question

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I've started my BOGW application and one of the questions asks me if my children will receive more than half of my support. I am currently not working only my husband and we file our taxes together. Do I choose option "no?"


  • Monica
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    Hello Mayra,
    Because your question is an elaborate one, i highly recommend you to contact your Financial Aid office to make an appointment with a counselor or an adviser. This is always best as they have the ability to give you expertise information as well as they have the ability to analyze your financial documents with privacy. If you choose to make an appointment with a financial aid adviser, more than likely if you request assistance with filling out your Bog Fee Waiver during this appointment, they will help you with these questions on the application as well. I would be happy to provide you with contact information to the college of your choice if you kindly respond with what college you are attending/applying too.

    I look forward to your reply.
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