Income taxes wrong

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I accidentally put a wrong number in my application and I don't know how to change it... How can I do it?


  • Monica
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    Hello Tanya,
    To better assist you with your question, do you mind explaining to me which application you submitted and what college you submitted it too so I am able to direct you in the right direction? Please reply back to this response with the information I am requesting.

    Thank you,
  • Latycia_Guyler
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    Is there any way a deleting my bog application and starting fresh? Because I enter in the incorrect amount for my tax information
  • Monica
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    Hello Latycia,

    To answer your question, you unfortunately cannot delete an application once you have submitted it. What you can do is contact the college's Financial Aide office where you are attending for that term year you applied for and have them correct the errors you entered. More than likely they will need you to come in person to make these corrections.

    I do see you most recently submitted an admissions application to Antelope Valley College for the Summer 2015 term. Because I do show that you submitted your Bog Fee Waiver around the same time frame as your admissions application, I will be assuming this is where you submitted your Bog Fee Waiver. I will provide you with the contact information to both the Admissions and Records office (so you are able to get access to your student ID # if you do not have it yet) as well as the Financial Aid office at Antelope Valley College so you can address and correct your tax information.

    Admissions and Records Office at Antelope Valley College:
    Phone: (661) 722-6300 ext:6504

    Financial Aid Office at Antelope Valley College:
    Phone: (661) 722-6300

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I am happy to help!
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