Permanent address- no U.S option

edited February 2017 in My OpenCCC Account
United States is not an option for permanent address in CCC personal accounts.  How can this be changed?


  • Monica
    edited February 2017
    Hello Nela,
    The only way you would ever see that there is not an option for you to choose U.S. as your permanent address on your admissions application would be that under the second tab of the application (Account/Mailing Information), you have selected the box that states: "My current mailing address is outside the United States." This box is located at the bottom of this tab in the, "Current Mailing Address" section. Please review this section and make sure you did not accidentally select this box. If you did, you are able to uncheck the box, which will fix this issue.

    If you have already submitted your admissions application without editing your permanent address, you will need to contact your Admissions and Records office at the Community College to make these changes. If you have not submitted your admissions application you are able to sign into your OpenCCC account and chose to resume the admissions application. Be sure you edit the information on the second tab of the application (Account/Mailing Information).

    I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if I am able to provide you with any further guidance.
  • Nela_Dunaway
    edited March 2015
    Thank you Monica! I did have the wrong box checked. Fixed the problem!