Does bog fee waiver cover winter classes?

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I plan to take a 5 unit spanish class at Los Angeles Southwest College. What I'm wondering is if the bog fee waiver will cover it? Thank you in advance!


  • Monica
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    Hello Stephanie,

    What I recommend you do is submit your Bog Fee Waiver as soon as you can, depending on the college, I cannot give you a timeline of how long it will take to process.

    When you apply for the Bog Fee Waiver, it is then distributed to the college where you have signed up to take the majority of your courses. Since winter session is already here and you have yet to apply for the Bog Fee Waiver, please contact the Financial Aid Office at your college where you plan to take these courses. They will have the support and precise answers you are looking for. The Financial Aid contact info at Southwestern College is:

    Phone: (323) 241-5338
    Email: [email protected]

    I hope this is helpful information to you!

  • stephanie_cruz
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    Thank you for replying! I'm a little confused though. I thought I was already signed up for the bog fee waiver since it covered my fall semester classes (and Spring)..or will I have to fill out a different application for winter classes?
  • Monica
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    Hi Stephanie,
    Let me see if I am able to help with any confusion. If you applied for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 term, the Winter 2014 term will fall in that category. I am not sure if you applied for the Bog Fee Waiver with a paper application or online through OpenCCC; again, the best thing to do with this scenario is to contact Financial Aid directly with your question.
    Happy Holidays!
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