BOG fee waiver for two schools?

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I applied and was approved for BOG fee waiver at one college but I only could get the class i needed at another community college. do I need to re-apply for the BOG at the other school or does it just count for all colleges that i attend in one school year?


  • Monica
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    Hello Bridget,

    When you sign up for the Bog Fee Waiver, it is then distributed to the college where you have signed up for the majority of your courses. To answer your question, you will not need to re apply; your Bog Fee Waiver will be used towards the college you are taking the majority of your courses at.
    If you have any further questions regarding your Bog Fee Waiver and how it is applied to your courses, I advise you contact your Financial Aid Department at your Community College.
    I hope this helps!
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