do you get your money back if the board of governors fee waiver is accepted afterwards?

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Recently I just paid for college so that I could lock in my classes, but my board of governors fee waiver hasn't come through yet and its still pending. When it gets approved, will I be reimbursed? (lets assume I will be approved)


  • Roberto
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    Hello Mark, You will need to ask this question to the college you plan on receiving your BOG Fee Waiver from. The college should be able to provide you with a status update on your BOG Fee Waiver, and they can tell you if you will be "reimbursed."
  • Carol_Roberson
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    I feel out an application, was excepted but I have never been charge for my classes did a feel my app out wrong and what dose BOG Fee Waiver 2 mean I need the money for my classes Thank You Mrs. CRoberson  

  • Tee
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    Hello Carol,

    When you applied and submitted an BOG fee waiver application, it was determine that base on the income you reported to the Financial Aid Office at your college, you are eligible for the BOG (Board of Governor's Grant) which is a program funded by the State of California that provides assistance to help you cover your community colleges enrollment fees (tuition).

    If you have already registered for your classes and there was no charge to your student account, this does mean that your BOG fee wavier was approved and then automatically paid all your enrollment fees. Please note that the BOG fee wavier does not provide you money to help you purchase your textbooks and school supplies. This particular money is separated from BOG and will usually come thru your Pell Grant if you have applied and was awarded FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

    For further information regarding your BOG and FAFSA please contact your financial aid office at your college. Their dedicated staff members will be able to answer your additional questions and provide your a more detail explanations.

    If you have any additional questions and or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

    Good Luck.

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