What is an AA-T or an AS-T degree?


  • CCC_Help
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    AA-T and AS-T are acronyms for Associate in Arts for Transfer and Associate in Science for transfer degrees. These degrees are designed specifically for transfer to the California State University System. The degrees are the results of Senate Bill 1440, a transfer bill that required the California Community Colleges to offer associate degrees for transfer in many of the most popular transfer majors, and for the CSU to provide priority admission to California Community College students who have earned an AA-T or AS-T degree in a major that has been deemed similar. These degrees can be completed in 60 transferable semester units (or 90 quarter units) and include coursework in general education, lower division major preparation and electives.
  • Veronica_Branson
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    I have a AA from palomar college can I get a BA orBS degree from you
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