Improving student outcomes in Amador County.

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Where would you recommend looking for grant makers that make funding available to non-profit/educational institutions to provide students with broadband access in rural areas and/or access to academic advisers with regard to enrollment in online courses ?


  • Roberto
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    Hello, Karen: Interesting question. Beyond the usual sources for grant funding, I would recommend looking at the Central Valley Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project at According to a news story here (, they are leading the effort to extend broadband to your county. As your quest for funding aligns with their effort, there may be someone in their organization that can point you in the right direction. Regarding access to academic advisers: Schools, colleges, and universities that offer online courses also usually provide access to academic advisers for students as part of enrollment. I am not aware of any grant funding sources specific to your question but it seems there is a natural opportunity for partnership with the institution that would deliver the online courses. I hope this is of some help to you.