summer certificates

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i need one certificate of proficiency course to be completed in the summer


  • Patty_Donohue
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    Dear Alfred,

    Thank you for your question. In order to steer you in the right direction, I have a few questions for you. First, are you considering an online certificate course or program? The CVC Distance Education Catalog is an excellent resource for finding online courses and programs offered throughout California. 

    Please note: The CVC does do not offer courses or programs, nor do we award certificates or degrees, directly. Our catalog is maintained to provide students a reference for what is offered online across the state of California.

    Here's how the catalog works:

    First, from the catalog homepage, select one of the search three tabs provided to determine your search parameters: A) Search by Course, B) Program or C) School. This will help narrow your search, especially if you know the particular school you want to apply to, the specific course you need to take, or the program that offers the certificate that you require. Next, further narrow that search by using the filters and keyword search available.

    For example, from the Program tab, you can use the filters (drop down menus) to define necessary criteria such as Degree Level (in your case, Certificate), Subject (enter the subject you require, if known), and / or School (if you want to search by a particular college or institution, use this filter). The keyword area is for other search words that may help narrow your search, such as "summer".

    Again, please keep in mind that this catalog is purely a reference. If you find a certificate program that interests you, contact the offering institution on the right of that listing. Click on that Institution name and it will take you to their website. From there, you may have to do another search to find the offering, or contact the institution directly for more information, such as registering, pre- requisites, fees, etc. Each institution will have it's own schedule and policies relative to admissions.

    I hope this helps you. Please give your search another try and, using filters and keywords, you should be able to find a certificate program that works for you.

    If not, please write me back and I'll do my best to help you.

    Take care and good luck with your academic future!