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The Amador Community College Foundation and the Amador Transportation Commission is working together to develop a new telepresence/transit center as part of our distance education program for our remote county. Our vision is to offer college courses via the telepresence/videoconferencing center. We want to have a real time interactive program for our remote center as well as a computer lab for online classes We have not been successful in finding courses offered via this telepresence/videoconferencing modality in your listings. Please advise us how to approach this research. Thank you, Dixie Camardo Member of the ACCF


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    Hello Dixie,

    I'm sorry you are having trouble identifying videoconferencing courses within the CVC Distance Education Catalog.

    The CVC catalog references courses and degree programs across California that the schools themselves have defined as 'distance education' (whether telepresence/videoconferencing or otherwise). Unfortunately, the catalog does not track modality of delivery for these courses and programs.

    So I did some investigating and found (through the CCC Chancellor's Office Data Mart) a list of colleges that offered video conferencing courses in 2010-2011. 
    (Note: Once you're in the Data Mart, you can refine your search via the drop down menus. In your case, you'll want to select “video conferencing” from the “distance education status” drop down menu.

    The Data Mart is a wondeful resource for tracking technology-related data across the CCC system. Unfortunately, the information provided by the link above only provides the Colleges offering the courses; it does not list courses by name or subject.

    However, thanks to the Director of the CCC Technology Center, please follow the link below to a file that lists video conference courses from MIS by college in .csv format (open with Excel). Download the file here:

    Also, it has come to our attention that Consumnes River Community College is setting up a distance education center in Amador County. I have two video conferencing contacts at Consumnes River who may be able to answer some of your questions. Let me know and I'll forward their contact information via private email (to respect their privacy).  You can reach me (Patty Donohue, CCC Technology Center) via email at [email protected]

    Related side note: In recent years, the CVC Distance Education Catalog has seen a strong trend away from tele/video courses, which are essentially classes delivered via TV. Butte College, for instance, used to deliver most of its classes via TV; now all distance classes are delivered online.

    I hope this information helps you. Good luck with your new distance education center.