Seeking online human resources certificate

I am looking for an online program for a certificate in human resources. Ideally a 3-6 month program. I have a BS in finance and am looking to make a career change into human resources.


  • Patty_Donohue
    edited March 2017

    Hi Valerie,

    I understand you're looking for an online certificate program in Human Resources.  The California Virtual Campus has a Distance Education Catalog which is a reference to institutions in the State of California that offer online classes and programs. It's really easy to use and you can search or browse for online offerings in lots of different ways. Here's a link to the catalog homepage:
    Since your question was real specific, I took the liberty of searching our catalog for you and found 67 match results that you may be interested in. Here's the link to the search results,  but thought I would walk you through how I did it, in case you want to refine your search.

    First, once you navigate to the CVC Distance Education Catalog home page, you'll see three primary tabs there to help narrow your search: Courses, Programs, and Schools. Since you're looking for an online program, I selected the Program tab and entered the Keyword: Human Resources.  Then I selected "Certificate" from the Degree Level drop down menu under Advanced Filters (directly below the Keyword search field).

    Those parameters alone produced the 67 search results for an online certificate program in Human Resources. 

    Again, you can further filter down or change your search through one of the other primary tabs (Courses or Schools).

    I do want to mention that if you choose to pursue one of the programs listed in the search results, you'll want to contact the institution offering the program to find out about their
    requirements, eligibility, fees, and all other aspects.

    I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, just let me know.