What if I don't have my W-2s yet, and my parents' tax returns aren't completed?


  • edited February 2017
    Although you can apply for federal aid any time after January 1, you should wait until you receive your W-2 forms. These provide a fairly accurate estimate of your earnings. Although you can use estimated information on your FAFSA, it is recommended that you file it using a completed tax return for better accuracy. If necessary, you may correct the information submitted on the FAFSA when you receive your Student Aid Report, or provide your campus with a copy of your tax return (check with the campus financial aid office to see if they need your tax return). Also, if you use estimated information, your financial aid eligibility may be revised once you update your income information. Make sure you submit the FAFSA and the GPA verification form before March 2 in order to meet the Cal Grant deadline.
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