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What happens if I have academic or other problems and have to drop classes or drop out of college en


  • CCC_Help
    edited February 2017
    If you have to drop a class it may affect your eligibility for financial aid for the current term or future terms. Review the information on your college's enrollment requirements and satisfactory academic progress standards and check with the financial aid office to ensure you aren't jeopardizing your financial aid eligibility. If you have to drop out or withdraw from college, you may be expected to repay a portion of the financial aid that was disbursed for that term. If you withdraw, some of the funds paid to the college for your fees, tuition, or other charges may be refundable. If you received financial aid, refunds must first be returned to the financial aid programs according to federal regulations and other program guidelines. Check with the college about procedures for withdrawing or taking a leave of absence and be sure to consult with the financial aid office or business (bursar's) office about refunds, repayments of financial aid funds, and your future eligibility to enroll and receive financial aid funds.
  • Marjié_McDuffie
    edited February 2017
    I haven't received my financial aid and I need school supplies ASAP
  • Roberto
    edited December 2016
    Hello Marjie,

    You will need to contact the financial aid office at the college you are attending. Due to that the financial aid office at your college has access to your financial aid information, their office will be able to provide you with further information regarding your financial aid status.