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I'm still confused about how to get financial aid.


  • CCC_Help
    edited February 2017
    You're not alone. Just remember this: There is financial aid available to assist with college costs. Apply now. Help is available for the asking. Contact the financial aid office at the community college you plan to attend for more information or questions.
  • Ann_Oxios
    edited August 2016
    once I have applied how do I get status of application (fasfa)
  • Angelica
    edited August 2016
    Hello Ann,

    Once you submit your application through website you will get a confirmation email informing you that the application was submitted successfully. Then it will generally take a few days before your college/s will be notified that you have submitted an application for them to access and start processing. Typically your college/s listed on the applicatio  will send out a followup email  stating that they have received your FAFSA application. Once you college has received the application you can stop by to their office and ask or call and find out the status of your application. Also, many colleges  have a  financial aid section available to view on your student account/portal, that will inform you of your status and have other relevant updates.

    I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.