What is a Degree Plan?


  • CCC_Help
    edited February 2017
    A degree plan is a road map of courses and programs students are planning on scheduling across multiple semesters leading towards completion and/or graduation. First, students should contact the Counseling department at their local college for guidance on beginning the degree plan process. Academic, career and transfer counselors will evaluate the students academic history and help guide the student in choosing the best field of study based on their interests and needs. In addition, the California Virtual Campus has partnered with MyEdu, a free online degree planning and course scheduling service, that will walk the student through exploring colleges and universities, selecting a degree or certificate programs, and help them schedule courses to meet that academic plan over multiple semesters. This allows a student to not only visualize each semester individually and collectively, but it also organizes all of a student's requirements and prior coursework into one comprehensive academic plan.
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